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MGI is committed to bringing the best guitarists in the world to our community. Ticket sales cover only a portion of the cost of a performance. Please consider supporting access to world-class guitar music and strengthening  our regional music community.  Here’s one way you can assist:  sponsor one of the six magnificent MGI concerts this season.  For $1,000, you can sponsor one of the celebrated MGI concerts in honor, memory or celebration. We’ll recognize you from the stage and permanently feature your generosity on our website. See below the “why we did it” of some previous concert sponsors, and join us!

Meet our past sponsors

Read what our prior concert sponsors have to say about their sponsorship experience.  Then decide if you would like to sponsor an MGI concert to honor someone in your life or build awareness around your company.

Shereen Remez, Bethesda, MD

Why did you sponsor three MGI concerts in the last few years?

“I responded to requests from our founder.  He said we need sponsors, and so I agreed to be a sponsor to support the guitar community I love.  I sponsored the Pepe Romero and David Russell concerts because these artists are two of the best guitarists in the world, and I was simply honored to sponsor them.  When the Guy Van Duser and Billy Novick concert was in search of a sponsor, even though I didn’t know them well, I went ahead and sponsored because I wanted to contribute to the organization, and sponsorship is a good way to do that. 

“We had dinner with David Russell and his wife after David’s concert. I was thanked from the stage and the MC had me stand up. I was able to sponsor in honor of my mother and father. It was very special.  I also got an upgrade to my seat in the orchestra.”

Hasani Jaali, Arlington VA

Why did you choose to sponsor an MGI concert?

“Going to the concert series gives me tremendous joy.  I started playing guitar as an adult, and at the time I did not know much about classical guitar.  I value MGI, and had been donating regularly to it, supporting its outreach programs.  I chose a concert to sponsor because I really wanted to hear Scott Tennant play live. Ironically, the concert was cancelled due to Covid, but he will be on the concert series again…I try to bring new audience members to the concerts, introducing them to classical guitar and the wonderful music community that has developed around MGI and its programs.”

Duane Morse, Falls Church, VA

Why did you choose to sponsor an MGI concert?

“In my volunteer role for MGI, I was helping to obtain visas for our visiting concert artists, and through our exchange I got to know Margarita Escarpa, Spanish guitarist,  and I chose to sponsor her concert.”   These sponsorship funds really allow MGI to bring the finest musicians to its audience year after year.”

Myrna Sislen, Washington, DC

Why did you choose to sponsor MGI concerts?

“I sponsored at two concerts over the years, one was years ago, allowing me to honor my parents.  For that tribute, I chose a woman guitarist, Megan Healey, acknowledging women musicians, myself included! And there were so many connections between us!”

MGI did an amazing job with my sponsorships, too, ensuring that I felt acknowledged and valued!  The night of the concert, the MGI president shared my sponsorship in honor of my parents at the opening of the concert.  It was very moving for me.  

Why is MGI such an important music organization for you?

MGI does more than present world-class concerts…it encourages young musicians, it has over the years built a vibrant community throughout the DMV region, celebrating the joy of beautiful guitar music.

Claudia and Cliff Moy, Rockville MD

Why did you choose to sponsor the artist David Russell’s MGI concert?

“We wanted to help MGI financially, because we believe in the organization, its mission and values, and we wanted to be helpful.  We greatly admire and respect David Russell as an artist, and we appreciated the help he gave our son Chris, who is now a performing guitarist himself in Europe.  During an MGI master class, David mentored Chris in ways we couldn’t even imagine.  He helped Chris gain the confidence needed to compete successfully in the MGI Myrna Sislen Youth Guitar Competition.  Bottom line, David Russell is an incredible artist and a wonderful human being, and we wanted to support him in gratitude for all that he does for the guitar community.”
What benefits did you derive from sponsoring the concert?
“Essentially, we felt good inside for having provided support for the artist and for the MGI organization that brought him to DC for his special performance.  Our sponsorship gave us a feeling of connection with the artist. We didn’t sponsor for the recognition.  We just wanted our name associated with this great performer and all he did for our son and for the passionate audience we have in the DMV area.  Our name in the program as a co-sponsor was sufficient for us to have that feeling of doing something good for our audience and our community.”
David Kirstein, Washington DC
Why did you sponsor MGI guitar concerts?
“Because I like the artists I sponsored and wanted to help boost the organization.”

Amy Cutts and David Kirstein


Shereen Remez


Myrna Sislen



Both FOR Individuals and Companies


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CONCERTDeadline to sponsorSelect a concert
October 1, 2023: Dale Kavanagh - 4pmSeptember 16, 2023Click Here to select this concert
November 12, 2023: Martin Taylor - 4PMOctober 29, 2023Click Here to select this concert
January 21, 2024: Marko Topchii - 4pmJanuary 7, 20224Click Here to select this concert
February 18, 2024: SoloDuo - 4pmFebruary 4, 2024Click Here to select this concert
March 24, 2024: Laura Snowden - 4pmMarch 10, 2024Click Here to select this concert
May 5, 2024: David Russell - 4pmApril 21, 2024Click Here to select this concert
MGI’s Corporate sponsorship policy, details opportunities, benefits, and terms of sponsoring an MGI concert on behalf of your company.

Thank you for your support and your interest in MGI’s sponsorship program.


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